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FREE Apt/Condo Gym Orientations

New to your apartment? Your property has some great equipment but it can be kind of overwhelming, let us guide you through your fitness center and help you set some goals for using your new home gym!  We're available currently in downtown Minneapolis and the metro areas.  Virtual workouts are also available. 

FREE Gym Orientations

Personal Training with Soul Fit

Start moving with Soul Fit and feel good inside and out! Learn more about our personal training programs and small group strength and conditioning programs. Currently personal training downtown Minneapolis and at Los Campeones NE and virtual. 

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Fascia Blasting

The Fascia Blaster is the "new" self-care tool of today's conversation!  If you are one of the 1000's of women and men that purchased a blaster but don't know how to use it, schedule a session with Amanda, one of the orginial fascia blasters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Currently Fascia Blasting out of Los Campeones in Northeast. 

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Soul Fit Health & Wellness , is a fitness company created to bring together mindful and connected souls who are passionate about changing their life through fitness, nutrition, recovery, self-care, education and giving.  We use our life’s experiences, education and skills collaboratively to develop classes and workout programs to help guide you to experience a new way of living by showing you how to balance your mind, body and soul. Our mission is to empower you to move and find your true self! 

"Soul Fit has been an active participant in the health and wellness of the residents at Mill and Main in Minneapolis since I have called this place home. Amanda Arnold and Soul Fit Residential Health & Wellness are growing and are successfully helping residents achieve their fitness goals while also offering classes in meal prep, yoga, stretching and the like. They are an asset to my community!!"

Mary H
Resident at Mill and Main

"I have been working out with Amanda for 3 years and I love it. I look better and feel better and have come to look forward to our workouts! She pushes me in ways I would not push myself...I love our circuit training classes... I appreciate the mind/body/soul balance that she encourages. My husband see's her 2 days a week now and is no longer experiencing the knee and hip pain he was complaining about a few months ago. We HIGHLY recommend Soul Fit! It has changed our lives! Thank you, Amanda!!"

Caroline S
Resident at Mill and Main

"Amanda has a gift for working with older clients. For someone who started a fitness program at the age of 73, I'm delighted with the progress I've made under Amanda's knowledgeable guidance and her "can do" attitude that has inspired me to adhere to an exercise program for the first time in my life. Amanda is working with me so that I can be an effective Peace Corps volunteer. She is one of the most inspirational professionals that I've come into contact with since retiring four years ago. Her expertise in working with older clients is simply amazing."

Sharon R

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