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Uncategorized Apr 26, 2019


Spring time is a great opportunity to try something new, after being cooped
up all winter we’re itching for the outdoors and fun activities! Here are a few fun
outdoor spring exercises you could do to have fun and get in shape for summer!

Not sure how many calories you’d burning during your workouts? The list below has estimated calories burned based on the weights given and intensities prescribed.

If you are looking for more specifics based on your factors try getting a heart rate
monitor such as a MYZONE activity belt or Fitbit/Apple watch to track your own
calories burned throughout your workouts. These tools are not only great for
tracking calorie expenditure but also keeping track of your heart rate (HR) zones.
Knowing your optimal HR zones can allow you to loose fat faster and gain muscle
quicker. While having an estimate of what you are burning is fine, knowing your
exact expenditure truly makes your workouts more efficient and effective to help
work towards any...

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