Hidden behind that door is YOUR full potential.

And Soul Fit Residential and ID Life has the KEY!

DNA Testing

Stop wasting time and spending your hard earned money on diets and exercise programs that don't work. Soul Fit and IDLife has a simple and better way to achieve your health and fitness goals. With your Nutrition & Fitness genetics results, we can connect the dots to your genetic makeup AND unlock the door to your full potential.

Your Fitness & Nutrition BLUE PRINT

With the results provided in your 40 page personal nutrition and fitness report, Soul Fit Coaches can help recommend diet and lifestyle choices to create a truly personalized nutrition and fitness program designed just for you.


We guarantee results when you purchase your ID Life DNA test coupled with Soul Fit Coaching. Living at your full  potential is only one click away! 

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What can DNA say about your nutrition & fitness needs?

Soul Fit Residential wants to stay on the cutting-edge of technology in health and wellness and gaurantee you results and save you time and money!

  • Weight Predispositions
  • Dietary Needs
  • Food Responses
  • Metabolism
  • Nutritional Requirements
  • Exercise Response
Sample Report


"Individually Designed" Life is ready to take the guess work out and Soul Fit Residential wants to help you unlock that door to YOUR full potential!


No more guessing

The results from your test are now used to understand your body's needs and limitations and takes out all the guessing! 

Fitness Programs based on RESULTS

After you receive your results, a Soul Fit Coach will sit down and interpret your results then give you a fitness assessment based on YOU! 

Living YOUR Full Potential

Schedule your FREE In-Person Fitness Consultation and Assessment with our Soul Fit Coaches. The possibilities are one click away. 

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