Join The Soul Fit Community Membership

A monthly membership that gives you access to classes, community perks, and special events.

Connecting You To Your Community

The Soul Fit Community Membership's mission is to help you make more meaningful relationships with your neighbors through a multitude of health and wellness classes, events and services happening in and outside of your community.

Access To Local Perks

You will also have access to a directory of Health and Wellness Professionals and Businesses that have excellent customer service and products. 

Membership includes:

Join the Community through weekly classes, access to exclusive events, and discounts and perks throughout your local community! 

  • You have access to all weekly Yoga Classes in your Residential Aerobic Room.
  • Enjoy a FREE Group Coaching Session and a FREE fitness consultation with one of our Certified Soul Fit Coaches.
  • Receive all your information, offers, events, class sign-up through our mobile membership app.
  • Directory to all Soul Fit recommended Health and Wellness Professionals.(both in-home services and outside).
  • Discounts and Membership ‘Perks” from a plethora of Local Businesses and Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Membership discounts on Specialty Classes and Early Sign-ups.
  • Members-Only Social Events and Community Outings

Soul Fit Community Membership Yoga Classes

All members can sign-up for all weekly classes in their community. Check out our class calendar and add classes you want to attend! Make sure they are in your community!


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