Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

We bring you MYZONE. Soul Fit Residential Health & Wellness knows that seeing results takes consistency and intensity.  Now we can know how hard you're really working with MYZONE and reward you based on your effort! 

What is MYZONE

Soul Fit Trainers want to help you get results and using MYZONE you can visualize your effort!



Everyone community will have a MYZONE Weight Scale in the bathrooms located next the fitness centers.  Download the MYZONE App on your phone and enable the Bluetooth capability. All your data from weight, to BF% and BMI is recorded and tracked in the app. 



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MZ-1 Heart Rate Monitor

When you join our monthly small group personal training and 1-on1 personal training memberships you will receive the MZ-1 Heart Rate monitor to help you track your heart rate, calories, and effort. When not attending class this will also help us to give you homework and create challenges to motivate you to achieve your MYZONE Effort Points and still compete with your workout buddies and achieve your set goals.

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MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor

The MZ3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market, using Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analog technology to provide real time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort, to ensure that you get accurate feedback on all your exercise, wherever and however you choose to train. The MZ3's in-built memory means you can make every session count even when you're training away from your gym and it's not convenient to carry your smartphone. Achieve your health and fitness goals with motivational support from friends through a MYZONE® social network and use our unique MYZONE® Effort Points (MEPs) system to give yourself the credit you deserve and make your EFFORT REWARDED.

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90 Day Challenge MYZONE MZ-20 Scale

Download the MYZONE app and Register using Facility # SFRUS001 and if you don't have a belt use 0. Ensure that your Bluetooth is enabled and connect the scale to the app by choosing the scale icon in the top left corner. When information is all loaded- press UPLOAD to track your biometrics.


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