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Soul Fit Personal Training & Fascia Blasting

Strengthen your immune system and your muscles!

Soul Fit isn't just about pretty muscles, we care about your overall health, which includes your mental focus and motivation, your spiritual connection and your body's immune function.



Wouldn't it be nice to walk down the hall and have a knowledgable and helpful trainer helping you with your fitness goals while helping you improve your immune system! Sign-up today to get your free consultation with one of our SOUL FIT Coaches! 

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Soul Fit Programs

Programs available for in-home and at Los Campeones NE Gym.

Soul Fit Health & Wellness

Personal Training Sessions

As low as $70 per session

We have 3 packages for Personal Training Sessions, all monthly packages. 

1x a week for a mon: $80 per session

2x a week for a mon: $75 per session

3x a week for a mon: $70 per session. 

All sessions must be used during the month or forfeited.  

These sessions can be used in home or at Los Campeones. *More than 5miles from downtown additional travel time per session. 

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12 Week Package

Fascia Blasting

45-60min weekly sessions

  • 12 weeks of Fascia Blasting sessions 
  • Available in 45min and 60min sessions.
  • Also 90 min- Train & Blast sessions available with a 3 month gym membership.  
  • All sessions at Los Campeones NE Location. 
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Blast & Train 3x week

  • 3x a week 45 min personal training sessions at Los Campeones NE
  • Followed by 45 mins of Fascia Blasting. 
  • 3 month Membership to all Los Campeones Gyms
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Strength and Cardio plans included.
  • Complimentary Mini 2 Fascia Blaster 
  • Ashley Black's 12 week Journal for tracking your progress.   
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Do you want to unlock the door to living in your full potential? Soul Fithas the KEY!






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