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Soul Essential Body Care

Our new line of whipped body butters are crafted to connect your skin's biome back to nature. Protect your skin with the medicinal properties of organic butters and essential plant and seed oils; where nature meets nurture. 


Quailty of our Butters & Oils

All butters, oils and essential oils used in our products are organic, raw, and made with minimum ingredients.  All body butters are synthetic free, gmo free, alcohol free, and gluten free.  All products are animal friendly and reef safe. 


Small Batches

Each body butter is made to order in small batches. We clear and charge all ingredients with the intention that it brings you the purest of all love and light into you life.  Our goal is to make sure that eveytime you order from us, it's made within 3 days of your order being placed.  

Infused with Crystals 

All of our whipped body butters are infused with crystals so that their healing properties resonate with each of our unique body butter blends for different complexions of skin and chakra points. 

Soul Essential's

Soul Feet Care Kit

PERFECT GIFT! This kit consists of a Dr Glycolic Soft Feet Peelz Sock, Sugar Foot Scrub, Calming Magnesium Foot Whipped Butter and a pumice and brush.  All the products come in a clear plastic make-up bag with instructions on how to get the softest tootsie this winter season! 

$40 plus taxes

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Soul Essential Whipped Body Butters for 4 Complexions: Wisdom, Optimism, Clarity, and Calm

The perfect whipped up blend of butters, essential oils, and botanicals infused with crystals.  Each sold in small batches of

2oz- $15  4oz- $25  6oz- $35 

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Essential Oil and Crystal-infused Chakra Whipped Body Butters

From the root to the crown, our collection of chakra whipped body butters are made in small batches and infused with essential oils and crystals that resonate specifically to each energy vortex that make up our seven chakras.  Our body butters are great for balancing and opening up each chakra.  To find out which body butters you need, click on the photo of crystals to take a chakra test. 

$15 per chakra, 2oz

$84 for all chakras, 2oz each. 

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