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Amanda Arnold

MS (Human Performance) from UW-LAX and BS (Athletic Training) from SIU-Carbondale, ACSM Certified 


Amanda is the owner and founder of Soul Fit.  She has been in the fitness industry going on 19 years and counting! Her extensive experience and education in the fitness industry and passion for helping others change through Mind-Body-Soul has lead her to Minneapolis MN and living her passion!

Amanda has been in MN for over 6 yrs and has been building the in-home/apartment training experience since her arrival.  She realized there was a need for this and created Soul Fit Residential Health & Wellness Company.

She enjoys connecting with her clients through helping them to reach their health and wellness goals while helping them find balance in their life.

Amanda created Soul Fit to help her clients reach beyond the physical plane, dive deeper to follow their purpose and believes that our true-self is always within arms reach.

Her goal is to help  enrich, empower, and enhance you to reach for their full potential.

Amanda enjoys Meditation, Watching Football, Roller Blading, Climbing Stairs, Cooking and Shopping.

Amanda will be roaming all properties and training at Mill and Main East and West

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